Watery World

The rain came in torrents this week,

fluidic, aqueous, diliquescent

grey, cloudy, and cold.

Like those left behind by ark and Noah, watching, I had nothing to do but stare out at the deluge and repent at the altered landscape.

When would the rain stop?

How can there be that much water in a cloud?

What does the sun look like again?

These were the important questions.

When it finally did on day 9,

I saw a desolate bridge,

an empty wedding venue,

and a dam spilling over the top.

All, soggy artifacts of a watery world,

reminders that we do not live regularly in this saturated state,

giving me an appreciation for a well-defined shadow.

slice of life_individual

9 thoughts on “Watery World

  1. I remember days of that kind of rain… when the soggy ground gives beneath each step you take and the smell of dampness hangs heavy in the air. I love your shadow picture… I find myself taking those pictures on a sunny day after grey skies.

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