Find Your Footing

Slice of Life 2019: Day 16

Sometimes, getting a good footing can be challenging. That’s where I am today on the 16th of March. As I was sitting down to write, I wasn’t feeling very imaginative! I needed a shoe-string kind of lift.

So, I started to thumb through my phone’s photos for inspiration, as I often do. Then, this shoe showed up in my photo feed. A hi-top Converse, size four showed up. Hmmmm! Perhaps a half grown person at my house has snatched my phone to document his own slice of life!

“Why do you like hi-top Converses?” I ask my son.

“There’s not much to it,” he says. “I like the way they look on my feet.”

Right now, he’s got a Converse on one foot and an orthopedic boot on the other, so I get his attraction to the image of a regular looking shoe. He’s had to find his footing with a boot and a hi top. I’ve had to find my footing while trying to post slices daily and maintain all the other responsibilities in my life. It’s been challenging, but I like the way the posts feel on my blog. I like the footing I’m gaining by pushing through.

8 thoughts on “Find Your Footing

  1. I love this post. In my family, the Converse is back. My nine-year-old daughter wears turquoise color Converse (like I did when I was a kid:). My oldest daughter has white Converse. The sixth grader has red Converse, and my wife is wearing low top white Converse. My son and I are the only ones without Converse (and that’s all I wore when I was a kid). Awesome picture! Awesome post! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I enjoyed this slice. At first, when I read your teaser on TWT, I thought you literally found your foot on a phone. I like how you play with the ideas and images of feet, shoes, photos and finding a footing. This sentence is my favorite: I like the way the posts feel on my blog.


  3. OH man, getting stuck mid-month is a real thing! I think mine came last week and it will be back later on this one too… Actually today I’m barely scraping my brain together to come up with something I feel like writing about. I think that’s the challenge sometimes for us. We have to balance so much at once and often our interests or me-time gets decreased to nearly nothing. We learn to just do, go, get done, rest – i.e. we learn to live vicariously through the people we support. You’ve tapped into that here. His shoe, his foot, his interest, and your internal monitoring of his happiness. I liked the slice, the photo, and the honesty you put into it.

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