Scenes From Around Here

Slice of Life 2020: Day 18

These are a few of the scenes from around here today. We had a boy reading, a boy playing trombone and a mom at her Zoom Video Class station. I have to admit I was nervous about pulling off the virtual classroom for my ninth grade English and Creative Writing classes. We had student presentations today, which meant that documents had to go up live, a tricky endeavor for a first-timer. Then, getting everyone’s audio and video straightened out was interesting and took awhile. I had one student go to the chiropractor during class and she just kept the class going on her phone the whole time. People are isolated and just need the interaction time.

After school, I had a crick in my neck like nobody’s business! Too much screen time. But it was novel this first day!

Grateful that my own kids were pretty independent and productive. Although they were getting grumpy by the end. That’s when I decided to take my camera out for a walk to capture some of the lovely spring scenes happening in my yard.

Glad for a chance to escape in nature away from the grumps and the tech.

7 thoughts on “Scenes From Around Here

  1. While the tech wasn’t and isn’t a choice you wanted, you made it work. And tomorrow, will be a little easier. Plus, if you can temper that with pictures like you took above, it will certainly be worth it in the end.

    Thank you for sharing your day with us! 🙂

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  2. After the first three days of remote teaching, I have terrible eyestrain and a constant headache. But I also know how blessed I am that I am healthy and able to handle this new way of living. There are so many others who are not as fortunate. I loved your pictures and, after reading this, am going to look into Zoom. Google Meets isn’t working very well for my class. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Oops! My comment sent before I finished. What I like about zoom is that you can share documents live and work on them with everyone watching. Students can also “show “ documents and make corrections live. The one challenge is WiFi for everyone. Sometimes it’s sketchy and that makes it unreliable for all students. Most students are fine but there are always one or two that have real problems getting the full platform to load. Good luck with your eyes and stay healthy!’


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