4 thoughts on “Uncoiling

  1. It’s blowing snow. Hubby plowing front drive so the blowing snow doesn’t lock us in our house! I’m cooking dinner and forgot I spilled some grease in the oven. The roast is already in and I have clouds inside – fan on high and the window above my sink cracked open a bit. Screens aren’t on, yet! And I’m so jealous! I love fiddle ferns – all ferns, actually – but mine are under at least 6 feet of packed snow. First day of Spring! 😂 Do you eat yours? Great in salads and with other veggies in a stir fry! Enjoy them!!!!!

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    1. I’ve never tried eating fiddleheads before. Are all types of fern good to eat at his stage? I hope your spring comes soon and you see your fiddleheads poke out.


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