365 Project 2022

365 Project Day 13

2022 is the year of the Photograph! At least it is for me. This year, I’m taking on what is called a 365 Project. A 365 Project is a photography project where you take and edit a photo (or more) every day for 365 days. The object of this project is to improve your photography skills by taking pictures every day in a variety of situations. Shooting pictures every day gets you thinking about stuff like composition, lighting, subject matter, exposure, focal length and so much more. By taking photos every day, you are also documenting what’s happening in your day-to-day life.

2022 seems like a particularly good year to take this project on as my youngest is in 9th grade. I want to document his freshman year as a home school student because I know that time is soon coming to a close. My other college boys live nearby and are always in the mix. Plus we see our daughter frequently and she’ll be a subject in these photos too. The chickens, the dog and some camping trips will definitely be good material for the daily shoots.

I’m going to be posting these photos on my blog regularly under the heading 365 Project. Please stop by here and check out what’s happening with the project and leave your comments below.

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