The Fifth of May

May Fifth! Cinco de Mayo!

On the morning of the fifth, I brought my camera out to document just what we were doing during this Corona time. Every image shows some change or shift we’ve encountered during this pandemic. Music lessons at home, Zoom classes, skim boarding inside (that’s a first), big boys working on a broken down house, finding quiet in nature, and celebrating with a big game of fuse ball. Always in motion, even shelter in place can’t slow a crowd of seven. If not for the forced at-home time, I probably would’ve missed these surreal moments and the characters therein.

It’s hard to play a band instrument alone everyday for weeks without tuning in with your section leader or instructor. Here, an attempt is made to focus on this difficult task, for the 30th time alone. Then, move to a different room and there’s a beach bum yearning for some sand and surf to ride. I absolutely love the resourcefulness of making your own skim surface on the carpet.

Later, I took a ride down the street to a house we are renovating. Coming in just as lunch was ending, I saw the real grunt work happening with pry bars and nail guns.

Outside in the front yard, I snatched a peek of my daughter catching a few quiet moments with a book before dinner. Then, I witnessed at close range, a rousing game of fuse ball to complete this memorable, yet commonplace kind of day.