Urban Farming

We are urban chicken farmers, keeping between 6 – 12 chickens at any given time.  I am definitely the chicken lover at the house and my husband generously acquiesces to my poultry hobby.   It’s really an awesome past time because it gets you outside breathing fresh air.  Rain or shine; hot or cold!  Fresh eggs are the big fat bonus!  Plus, if you love birds, this is just a natural place to spend your time.

Even though we’ve been raising chickens for the past 13 years, I’m still learning.  There’s always some new challenge, like hens that don’t lay or critters that attack the coop.  But, I stay in for that daily gratifying experience of walking to the coop and gathering 3 to 5 fresh eggs, with golden yokes and deep brown shells.  That’s what I love the best!

Links to articles I’ve written about our recent chicken experiences:



Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

She’s a Spring Chicken

Stitching a Chicken

Learning Photography at the Coop

Hypnotizing a Chicken

Saying Goodbye

Meet some of our flock!


3 thoughts on “Urban Farming

  1. Love the chicken story, do more . How about cleaning the coop ordeal? Best one of all the tales is when one of kids got locked in the chicken coop.


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