If you want to know your pastor, become an Orthodox Christian!

Being an Orthodox Christian is a wonderful experience on so many levels. One aspect of being a part of a vibrant Orthodox Christian community is that we have a real relationship with our priests. Our priest knows each of my children’s names and prays for us every day! He knows our family and our personalities and can counsel us and give advice from the perspective of knowing US. My husband says that Fr. Paul is his accountability partner!  He is truly Christ’s representative for us on earth.

House blessing!
Father Paul conducts the house blessing.

Our Father Paul recently came out and blessed our home. He went through the entire house with the cross and with holy water, blessing each room and claiming it as Christ’s own dwelling place. All were smiling as we were occasionally splashed with holy water.

Father Tom comes to Graduation!

When Father Tom came to our son’s graduation from high school, he showed up in a blaze of white priestly garments! After all, it was the Pascha season. We had just celebrated Pascha two weeks before.

Father Peter gives a hug!

Father Peter gives the best hugs in the world!  Here, he is reaching out, all smiles, for a big, bear hug!  Father Peter always wears a green cassock; it is his trademark.

Father Tom at the Blessing of the Waters.
Father Tom at the Blessing of the Waters.

Being an altar server is an honor and a delight. Always patient, Father Tom exudes warmth and a little humor as he blesses  them during the Feast of Holy Theophany.

You can see why we love our spiritual family and especially our priestly Fathers.  God blesses us through them!


2 thoughts on “If you want to know your pastor, become an Orthodox Christian!

  1. Hi Angie. I am still trying to understand what your belief or religion is. Is Orthodox Christian what it is called? Much of it seems like Catholic. Just curious.


    1. Hi Lee. This is a difficult question to answer briefly, but I will take a stab at it here. Orthodox Christianity predates Catholicism by 1000 years and is the original church of the apostles. It is old world in its practice so it may look, from these pictures, similar to what you would see in a Roman Catholic church. For example, our priest wears a vestment, we baptize our babies into the faith and we have candles lit during our worship. Foremost, however, we worship Jesus Christ as God’s only begotten Son, the Savior of the World. In Him, is our hope and our salvation. Orthodoxy is commonly practiced by Christians in the middle east, Greece, northern Africa, Russia, and eastern Europe, places where Paul first took the gospel to the Gentiles.


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