Reflections on the First Week of School

Oh!  Those lazy days of summer!  We enjoyed 10 weeks of unstructured days, sleeping in, traveling to see grandparents, camping, swimming and just being without having to be anywhere, on anyone’s schedule.  Glorious!  Now, August has come and with it, those first days back to school.  How crusty the eyes are at 7:3o in the morning!  How miserable the hands  when they have to hold pencils.  How foggy the brain when it has to solve simple division problems without the aid of a calculator.

tea and math outside
Getting back to school

But, we managed.  Hot cups of caffeinated beverages were dispensed in hopes of helping revive the mind.  Large doses of fresh air were obtained outside at the picnic table.

Morning prayers

All were gathered for morning prayers on the first day of school.  It felt good to get back into a routine.  God had missed us.  We had missed Him.

science eperiements
Dissecting the lambs heart.

Then, a good friend invited us over for a cool science dissection.  She bought a lamb’s heart at the homeschool conference and was excited for us all to see it.  Four eleven-year-olds had access to sharp dissection instruments and began to cut into the heart, exploring the valves and the chambers.  Perhaps school would be tolerable.

field trips
Innovative cars

Then, alas!  At the end of the first week, a field trip!  We went to see the Innovative Car Exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  Could this be as fun as all those wonderful summer days?  Maybe.




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