I Want My Wife to be a Successful Person

6 thoughts on “I Want My Wife to be a Successful Person”

  1. Well done. You are the most successful mother and wife, the most successful WOMAN that I know. That’s because we’re a team and we’re not in this for me or for you, but for all of us. The whole family, the whole church, our neighbors, ….. you know. Raising our children, providing for them and our family, friends, and all others, receiving, worshipping, praying to and serving God, above all else, is all that really matters. That is success. We cannot reach any higher than that.
    I love you.

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  2. Wow! I loved this post, and your family photo! Awesome! I think I know what you mean about struggling to decide whether being an at-home mom is a career or is a career only considered something you do outside the home that doesn’t involve your children. I’ve done it all. Worked inside the home, outside the home, worked from home, and all-in-all the toughest job, and the most rewarding, has been rearing my children. Sound cliche, but it’s true for me. I won’t reap the full benefits of my hard work until maybe they have children of their own. That’s okay. I think you have an awesome job, Angie, and you have defined success for yourself and your family. I think it’s working.

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  3. My husband has to remind me that these comments are not directed at me nor are they about me. Accepting that can be tough. Whether it’s how pretty someone else’s home is or not wanting to homeschool their kids or not wanting to stay home with their kids or whatever. It’s not about me or how I’ve raised them. It’s about them figuring out who they are and what their families will need. Just as we evaluate the needs of our family and act accordingly.

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