Keeping Our Young People in Church

6 thoughts on “Keeping Our Young People in Church”

  1. YES! This weighs on my heart very much these days…my older children are tired…and scared of the isolation that often comes from being counter culture. My mom heart aches for fear they will give up and leave the Church for the comfort of companionship at an age when that is developmentally so important. I look forward to learning from your posts.

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  2. Hi,
    All you can do is keep your children exposure and happy memories associated with your faith. Remember the expression you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
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  3. One day I would love to sit down with you and discuss some of this. Right now, that is not possible. Getting better daily, and one day, who knows, I’ll get to your area. Must be a bird or two up your way. 🙂

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    1. I am progressing, but it will be awhile before that long a ride will be in the offering. I have to go back to Melbourne, FL in 2 wks for a follow-up and again in Sept. That is a 100 miles +/- and is about all I can handle right now. In fact, Dan is considering spending the night, and coming home the next day. That would be nice for my back. Keep up the good work on your blog. Mine is sort of in “coast mode” right now. Love to all of you.


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