Slice of Life: Day 13

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Day 13”

  1. A great post! Your commitment to home schooling is evident in many of your posts. I can tell you love your kids and all your adventures. I enjoyed learning about how you took the first step into home schooling.


  2. Wow…that’s a long time! You have great commitment. As an administrator and former teacher, I have thought often about homeschooling, weighing its pros and cons. I, personally, don’t think I could do it, but kudos to you!

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    1. I am fascinated by how administrators must perceive the homeschool movement. There are definitely pros and cons to homeschooling, just like everything else. I see how both approaches have influenced each other positively over the years and there is much that we can learn from each other. We aren’t purists, by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve had our kids in various schools, public, private, hybrid and they’ve survived, mostly pretty well. Yet their one complaint is that they weren’t in one system the entire time. That is truly important.

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  3. Angie, that is a great commitment and you have handled it superbly. My great nieces and nephews show the efforts and love you have given them. The Lord has blessed your efforts greatly.
    Love, Aunt Lee.

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