Slice of Life: Day 26

An Apology


Forgive me…

I left the dishes in the sink,

the laundry on the floor,

and a pile of bills at the door.


There’s an iron ready to press your shirt,

Nerf bullets strewn about the stoop,

the chickens have escaped the coop.


But, the sound of an approaching rain

brought slumber to my brain.

My head against the pillow,

the patterned drops at my window —

I’ve been dreaming of fields and windy willow.


That nap was the one

accomplishment of my day;

do pardon the domestic fray.

slice of life_individual

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Day 26

    1. Same! Slicing has about done my house in! I’m not very good about getting it done early. But we are almost there. Congratulations to you as we finish the challenge this week


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