Slice of Life: Day 31

9 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Day 31”

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge. For me the biggest challenge was reading other blogs. With so many (about 300) it was impossible to read everyone’s. I visited your blog few times and I hope to see you around on Tuesdays.

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  2. I really like how you have phrased this: “attentive to the blog”. Yes! I, too, realized that if I can do this every day for 31 days, I really do have time and energy to write throughout the rest of the year. Not every day–but consistently. Had to laugh about your kids going to bed late. I’m a morning slicer and crossed my fingers each morning that my son would sleep in so that I could get my slice finished!

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      1. I’m a lifetime late night writer (journals, letters, email) long before slicing but hope shift to morning too. As years encroach, I run out of coherence, into brain fog and typos earlier than I used to. Just rambling in the morning gets me started — something to work from when I come back later. The practice also seems to forestall drawing a blank at an empty compose screen when I’d rather be sleeping.

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  3. Knew you could do it!! Though some of us have been posting 4-7 times a week for months and years. One day you will have an empty nest and you will be able to write posts. Then again, you won’t have their stories to tell. 🙂
    Proud of you, from Aunt Lee


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