Chalktober Fest in Focus

This was our third year attending the Marietta Chalktober Fest.  Happening in mid-October, on the streets and sidewalks of our local square, Chalktober Fest is art in action.  Ninety-five artists travel here from across the United States to create, in just two days, fabulous chalk pastel scenes on the actual streets of Marietta, Georgia.  Children, adults, artist enthusiasts, beer drinkers, revelers…they all muse about the avenues marveling as vivid images burst forth from dust and pavement.  The colors are phenomenal.  Onlookers crowd around each artist’s plot to catch a glimpse of Dorothy or Luke Skywalker.  Artists hunch over their tools and pastels pushing the limits of space and perspective.  This community scene is pure fall joy!

On this day, my goal was to take focused festival photos.  You probably have noticed that I’ve been struggling with blurry pictures for months.

“How am I going to solve this problem?” I thought.

I figured I’d give this photography thing one more try, and watch a few videos on a possible fix.

“Close down your aperture,” they tell me. “Shoot at F11 or higher to capture depth of field.”

Surely that’s something I can try.  Otherwise, I’m selling all this camera gear and switching over to embroidery.

So, these photographs are my first rational attempt at capturing foreground and background subjects in focus with a higher aperture.

You’ll have to tell me if you think I’m on the right track!

It was fun practice and a beautiful day out there with the family.

4 thoughts on “Chalktober Fest in Focus

  1. So beautiful, the scenes, the artist and your photos. In our place, during certain festivals artists gather to make designs and other beautiful pictures on the roads. Regards


  2. Thank you! It is fun doing all this practice during the fall when all the colors are changing and the festivals are going on. Plus, I’ve been pushing thru my comfort zone. Manual setting is always my fall back when I feel out leagued.

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