Giving As Its Own Reward

2 thoughts on “Giving As Its Own Reward”

  1. The phrase that comes to mind as I read of St. Nicholas is generosity of spirit. True altruism – being concerned for others first, loving and caring unconditionally. Such is against our human nature. It has to be an active and always-conscious choice to rise above and beyond oneself. This line, “Not drawing attention to ourselves is an act of generosity that we can learn from this godly man” encapsulates the point well and stands in stark contrast to society today. Happiness isn’t found in being validated – it comes with the pouring out of self. As long as we have strings attached, our efforts will be self-defeating.


    1. Fran, I love your comments here and you are absolutely right that true giving has to “be an active and always-conscious choice.” Thank you for stopping by to read my post and for jumping into the conversation.


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