Back When the Sun Used to Shine

December 26

I’ve been thinking about when the sun used to shine here.  Been thinking about that week of luscious weather we had a month ago. If I had known then that we’d be living in perpetual rain and clouds, I probably would’ve slept in my hammock.  Fog, warmth, light and golden leaves. Each day brought a new hue to the vegetation around us.  That last bout of sunshine, it seemed, was the last week before all the maples and oaks took their winter sleep.  Those hardwoods knew that frosty, wet days were coming and they wanted nothing to do with them.  But, we remain here… in busyness and darkness.

I’m holding onto these memories of fall…


That mellow afternoon incandescence… how magical!

Since November I’ve lost my sun glasses and rediscovered my raincoat. 

No more leaping and dancing in the golden rays.  Instead, its dashing madly from building to car to avoid bad hair and soggy shoes.

Brown and gold have given way to slate and pepper.  Sunshine has been enveloped by cloud.  Baggy eyes are the new squint.

Looking back over these photos reminds me that there’s a sun out there.  Somewhere.  Azure skies and warmth will return; thank God.  Green will replace grey and black.

The cycle will repeat and I know I will complain in August: “I’m so tired of all this dang sunshine!”

For now, though, I’m recollecting fondly those days when the sun used to shine. 

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