Slice of Life 2019: Day 3

Timeless and Timely

Something struck me as I walked the halls of the Georgia Capitol Thursday. While my boys were paging, I had time to take in the history of the capitol and observe the happenings. There is an informality that permeates this place, which is somewhat of a paradox. In any other circumstance, an historic structure of this nature, built of marble and stone and embellished with these amazing paintings, would be hushed and formal.

Instead, a soft roar permeates these halls. Everywhere, people are engaged in conversations. Lobbyists, representatives, reporters, influencers and tourists, they’re all doing and talking.

People are napping and talking on the phone and drinking sodas. In the distance, a bell sounds, ding ding ding. “Has everyone placed their vote?” the Speaker asks on the floor.

A physician lingers at Martin Luther King’s shrine to ponder and take a photo. Pages and children meander down the vast, marble steps laughing, fixing their ties, smiling that its near to lunch.

At the ropes, inquirers ask for a word with their representatives. The job of the page is to hustle the message to the representative on the floor. Once the message is given, the representative steps out to the ropes for a discussion. At the peak hour, a crowd forms, pages and reps and lobbyists entangled in a glob outside the mighty house doors, all working to establish legislation in the interest of their people.

After the rush, pages chat and nap under the watchful eyes of three distinguished Georgians, unaware that there was ever anyone here before them.

This is government at its best! All the systems are working.

I love the duality of our state capitol. It is both formal and informal here. It is old and new. The workers are young and old. In this way, our seat of government is both timeless and timely. I guess this is why people continue to come here as participants and observers. Far from boring, these age old halls captivate us each year with so many amusing sights and sounds.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.09.23 AM

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