A Spring Break Attitude Adjustment

Slice of Life 2019: Day 29

Its time for a spring break attitude adjustment. Grumpiness has colored my temper for a few days, like a London Fog. I know a little perspective and a lot of thankfulness go a long way to lighten the mental load. The load has been a daily grind of life’s responsibilities mixed with slicing and random obstacles to resolve. With the end in sight, I’ve made a list of Friday thankfulness to remind me that God sends golden parachutes everyday. All I have to do is open my eyes.

Today, the sun was shining when I awoke.

There was one last bag of Early Grey on my tea shelf, just what I needed.

When I looked outside, somebody had already let the chickens out.

At my appointment this morning, it became clear that my doctor is beginning to think more like a natural path: “I know you don’t like taking pills. A lot of people don’t like taking pills anymore and I don’t blame them,” he said. Wow!

The doc didn’t think I had cancer!

There was a generic drug available for my prescription that cost 90% less than the original.

A healthy 12 year old sat next to me in my truck.

My husband kissed me on his way out the door.

A friend called and asked me to lunch.

Another called to see how things were going.

My aunt read my blog and responded cute words of wisdom.

It’s a good hair day.

And…all of this happened before noon. This list will be three pages by the end of the day.

The grumpiness is lifting like a San Francisco fog on a July afternoon.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.09.23 AM

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