Homeschooling Tips and Tidbits: Day 1

It’s August! And that means back-to-school month for most of us.

Remembering back, and this will date me, we started homeschooling in August of 2000. That’s now 19 years of continuous homeschooling! If you had told me in 1997 that I would be a mother of five kids and that I would teach them at home, for at least some of their years, I would tell you that your deck was short a few cards. Well, here I am in 2019 still going, teaching my youngest, a rising 7th grader. Now my deck is short a few cards.

All kidding aside, I’ve learned a lot during these years. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been gratifying. I haven’t always enjoyed it, but it’s been a precious time with my kids. In many ways, I’ve been the one doing the learning. I’ve had to learn patience and trust and humility. I’ve had to become okay with doing things differently than most people around me. It has been a lesson in faith, walking, actually clutching God’s hand daily as we ambled along.

My kids have learned a lot more than math and reading during these years. They have learned that they can be independent thinkers. They know that they can swim against the stream and survive. They’ve learned to follow their God-given passions.

In this month of August, I plan to write frequently on this topic of homeschooling. What inspiring tips and tidbits can I offer as you embark upon a new school year? Hopefully, you’ll find plenty, or maybe just one. Either way, it will be enjoyable to explore these ideas, remember and share.

Stop in tomorrow for the first installment: Reasons

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