Homeschooling Tips and Tidbits: Day 3

4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Tips and Tidbits: Day 3”

  1. When we first started homeschooling, I thought we would encounter a bunch of people who would talk to us like we were freaks. (My husband and I are software developers and can work anywhere there’s an Internet connection. This is how we ended up homeschooling.) For the most part, we haven’t. Many people say “with everything that is going on in schools and in the world today, I think that is the best decision” or “if I had things to do all over again, I would absolutely have homeschooled my kids.” I feel like the only naysayers I meet these days are women who seem to feel guilty about outsourcing their kids’ childhood to other people because they have a professional life that affords them zero flexibility. And it’s not only about education, it’s about having a nanny and whatnot too, simply not being “there” in general. The sense that they spend all day at a law firm and life is passing them by. They don’t want to hear about the awesome hike you took with your kids that afternoon. I’ve learned to see these exchanges as an opportunity for compassion and remind myself that not all criticism is actually about our life decisions. Sometimes people are deeply insecure about their own, and you and your happy family are merely innocent bystanders.

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    1. I absolutely agree and appreciate your comments on this subject. Many people have bought into the idea that to be truly fulfilled they must do it all, have the career, the nanny, the expensive life style. When they encounter homeschoolers, they see a glimpse into what life could be like if they made different choices. This can be painful. And, I definitely understand their struggle. Thankfully, you are right. In many ways we are living in times when homeschooling is more “normalized” and many do see the benefits of this kind of education. I hope this trend continues. For those who still struggle with negative family and friends I hope these discussions encourage and remind them they are not alone. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Both of you have made a wise decision and your children/young adults will be the better for it. With what is going on and being taught in public school, no way would I want a child there. When they took Bible and prayer out of schools, it has become a downward slope every since. Be thankful you can stay home and educate your children.

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