What’s Been Going On?

Its been a hot, crazy time of back-to-school. That’s what! Here we are after 6 pm on October 2nd and the temperature is still 93 degrees ! But, Lord have mercy, nobody’s cancelling all the activities. The show must go on: Marching band, baseball, photo competitions, cousins and grandparent visits, scouts, baptisms, 4 birthdays and somewhere in there, school. That’s why you haven’t heard from me in weeks. I’ve missed you and I’ve missed writing! Here is a little of what’s been going on these last six weeks.

105 degrees! That is the temperature the concrete bleachers were on August 16th for our first home game. The NMME Eagles marched on. This was a night of firsts: 1. Adjusting the hat so that it wouldn’t wiggle off during the performance. 2. cutting holes in the white gloves so he could finger his instrument and 3. performing in front of an actual audience! Camp was over. Now it was time to rock. I was so proud of all the musicians. They looked and sounded fantastic, especially for a first ever field show.

The day before Gabe’s 13th birthday, we connected with cousins for a time of urban naturalism. Believe it or not, these photos were taken deep in urban Atlanta on Tanyard Creek. The cool rocks and ankle deep waters were a respite on another hot August day. Frogs, fish and plenty of trash keep the youngsters busy while the mamas caught up on family affairs. Rule for the day: Keep your head out of the water. Just to make sure, we finished off the bottle of hand sanitizer just after we loaded back into the truck.

My dad popped into town mid-September and brought his camera.

“Hunter is playing tonight. Want to come along and we’ll take some night action photos?” I asked him.

“What time do we leave?” he said.

We got out there and I was looking everywhere for Hunter. He usually plays mid outfield. It was a dark night, but a gorgeous moon was rising in the east. After a few more minutes wondering where he could be and looking at all the players’ faces, I heard, “Good pitch, Naz!” There, on the pitcher’s mound, right in front of us, was my boy.

Dad laughed. “We are such goobers!” I said.

By late September, and a birthday under his belt, playing in the stands was no big deal. He’s a pro now. Nothing new here!

Now you know some of what’s been going on.

I bet you’ve been just as busy.

Check in tomorrow for a photabulous (that’s a brand new word I just made) post on a silly project we’ve been working on.

See you soon.

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