Extracting One Last Sip

5 thoughts on “Extracting One Last Sip”

  1. Fabulous photos. Taking a break, spending time in the nature, being together, playing and experimenting with a camera – time super well spent.


    1. I love days like this, especially when change is on the horizon. Like a season or a move or new job. It always good to slow down and take stock. Thanks for reading along.


    2. Thanks for sharing your hot trip. The photos are very good of things that weren’t at their peek. There is always beauty in most things of creation.
      Even almost over the hill old folks still have something left of beauty. 🙂


  2. It seems everyone is posting about trying something today. Maybe I need to visit my bucket list or something. The energy here should be used for good!
    The photos are wonderful. There is not much that beats spending time in nature…even if you’re fairly miserable while there.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the sudden autumn!


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