A Darn Good Thing!

There’s something bitter sweet about working yourself out of a job. When your kid graduates from college you get that weird feeling: “I’m kind of done here.” I got that feeling when I took these pictures one recent late afternoon.

Now, on to new territory… Mom as friend and laughter companion and occasional buyer of cappuccinos and perhaps, a less frequent filler of gas tanks. I like this new role.

Yes. It went fast.

Didn’t I just change your diaper? And, weren’t you just learning to use crayons?

“Mom? “Will you French-braid my hair,” and “Can I borrow your eye shadow?” and “Where’s the keys to the car?”

Yes. It went fast.

“You can be anything you want to be. You are smart and capable and beautiful,” I tell her as I weave her hair, right over left, right over left.

I remember.

Now, after countless braids, talks, ballet slippers, tears, books and smiles, we are here. She is an independent woman and she doesn’t need me, at least not in the way she used to. And that is a good thing. Its a darn good thing.

7 thoughts on “A Darn Good Thing!

  1. This is really beautiful. Your daughter has such a sweet look about her. I have two adults and one child still at home so I can fully relate to this post. It does go by so fast, but for some reason I don’t get sad about it like I expected to. I love each stage and I see that reflected in your writing here too.

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  2. Every mother always remembers that each of her children were carried under her heart and that memory is a physical and permanent memory. The Child will change but the mother will never forget.


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