A Study in Faces

There’s a fire burning. It’s cold outside. It’s dark inside. I’m surrounded by beautiful youthful faces. I have a camera and there’s a new off camera light that I need to figure out how to use.

What to do?

Stick a light in everyone’s face and take a picture.

That’s pretty much what I did for this experiment. I have a new wand light that can be dialed to stark white or soft candlelight. I set the wand to candlelight and proceeded to capture images of everyone in the room.

The first photo was edited to the left eye because with the shallow depth of field the camera locked on that eye and then the focus fell off from there. But, when I cropped it, this image struck me as bold and dramatic.

Yep. Picture # 2 is all about lips. A beard is growing and thickening around these almost 25 year old flanges. These beauties reveal happiness and newly found confidence.

A smile speaks a thousand words in Photo # 3. Beauty, kindness, gentleness, joy…

Photo # 4 shows half a face lighted. I wish we could see his eye better. But, this is all experimental. A better angle for him next time.

Photo # 5 is all about a deep blue sea. You can see the shape of the wand light reflected in the iris. Stunning!

Photos 6 & 7 are soft and the beautiful light and colors pop out at me.

I’m so glad my face isn’t one of these in the experiment. That would be pretty scary at this close range. I’m perfectly happy to be the one behind the lens.

I love winter evenings that bring a gentle, slower pace for enjoying time with family and friends. These willing subjects have me learning.

5 thoughts on “A Study in Faces

  1. Glad to meet you, Angelina. As a person who has always been interested in photography from way back in college, I appreciate your experimentation with light and shadows. A Study in Faces is a very interesting post. I hope to read more from you in the future.

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