It's Official

Slice of Life 2020: Day 1

Today is March 1, a day of official beginnings and endings.

  • Its the last day before Great Lent
  • Its the first day of the 2020 March Slice of Life Story Contest where I write every day for 31 days with several hundred friends over at
  • Its the first warm day where the sun came out and it didn’t rain
  • Its the last Sunday before Daylight Savings Time begins
  • Its the beginning of the spring sports and marching band season
  • Its the first day of the rest of my life!

All these beginnings and endings make it possible to make sense of a long chain of days, weeks, months and years, just the way looking through a window pane provides a reference point to what we’re viewing outside.

This year with Slice of Life I’m just jumping in. I don’t know where all this writing will take me or if I’ll even finish. But, its here and I’m in for the adventure and the excitement. I’ll be writing from a place of gratitude about my life, which at the moment happens to be pretty full and wonderful.

  • There’s a daughter’s fall wedding to plan
  • I’ve started a side hustle with my oldest son that’s getting off the ground
  • Two writing classes keep me busy
  • Three kids at home keep me cooking & cleaning
  • Lent begins tomorrow and there’s much spiritual work to do
  • There’s a baseball player in the house
  • There’s a marching band student in the house
  • There’s a wonderful husband in the house
  • There are service projects to plan and a bookstore at my church to run
  • There are photographs to take and edit

I’ll be writing on all of this and more. Come join me for the ride.

5 thoughts on “It's Official

  1. Awww I love the positivity that oozes from this slice! It should be featured on the TWT inspiration page for sure. That like “today is the first day of my life” Wow, isn’t that the truth. Looking forward to reading your whole month ahead.


  2. Your slice is a great reminder to focus on all that we have to be grateful for! It is amazing how much richer life is when lived with gratitude.

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  3. Whew! Tired already just reading your todo list. 🙂 Hang in there. Had a great time with your father today. No, we had real food. 🙂 Love you and all your family. Aunt Lee

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  4. Catching up on my reading and wow, you’ve got a lot on your plate! I hope you write about your “side hustle” and share what you are doing! This is something we’ve been thinking about for a while now, so we are looking at other people and their ideas! 🙂


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