An Unusual Sighting

Slice of Life 2020: Day 8

At dinner tonight my oldest told the story of a most interesting experience he had this weekend. He was running an errand here in Atlanta Friday afternoon when he discovered that traffic was worse than usual. Now, why he would be running an errand anywhere in the ATL on a Friday is a great question! He finally inched his way to the interstate when he realized that the southbound lane was completely shut down. Everyone was just stuck so he got out of his car and stretched for about 15 minutes.

“People were getting mad and someone threw a bottle,” he told us. “I had no clue what was going on.”

Then, suddenly, the interstate opened up and he, along with all the other traffic goers proceeded south. He got off the interstate and was able to travel slightly further in the direction of his girlfriend’s home, who happens to live near the CDC. Now, when he got within a quarter mile of her home, the road was blockaded again.

“I asked a cop what the deal was and he told me the president was coming down here to get to the CDC,” he went on.

Then, he told us, the only thing he could do was park his car and walk to his girlfriend’s home. So, he pulled into a church parking lot, got out and started walking toward her house.

After a short distance, he was stopped by a cop.

“You can’t go any further,” they told him. So, he just stood there and waited.

All of a sudden he looked up and 6 pairs of motor cycles rumbled down the road followed by several suburbans and three limousines each flying United States flags. The limos were followed by more motorcycle pairs and cops. People were everywhere with cameras and phones taking pictures. It was nuts.

“At that point, I realized that the presidential motorcade had just driven right past me,” he told us.

“Whoa! What color were the Suburbans?” someone asked.

“They were black. Everything was black!” he said and we all started laughing.

His story sounded like something straight out of Hollywood.

“Yeah. That was basically the unexpected high point of my weekend!” he said and we all thought that was pretty amazing.

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