The Blessing of the Playground

Slice of Life 2020: Day 7

My son’s Eagle project was to build a community playground at our church. In February, during the coldest, wettest days of winter, they prepped the pliable earth, laid mulch and constructed a play structure. Six months of planning went into the project including raising all the money to pay for the playground equipment and applying for a permit from the city to build it.

It was a glorious, sunny day when the playground was finally finished. All the parish children were waiting eagerly to jump onto the structure. Parents were holding their breath.

“Wait until its blessed,” was the whisper of many a dad as we awaited our priest to say the blessing.

Hunter, who built the play structure with his band of scout brothers, served Father Paul for the blessing. Gratitude and accomplishment blazed on his face like a thousand Christmas lights strung on a Douglas Fir.

Hunter followed Father Paul around the structure holding the holy water, feeling the splash of blessed joy at this moment.

Pinch me! This momma was beaming ear to ear.

As soon as the blessing was complete, the kids pounced on their new play set! Just one week ago, nothing was on this property but crab grass and mud! Today, kids were swinging and climbing and parents had a few minutes breathing time for conversation with friends. The blessing of the playground was the perfect culmination for this teenager’s hard work and determination!

3 thoughts on “The Blessing of the Playground

  1. When I first saw your title, I thought you were going to write about why a playground is a blessing! 😀 Good for him – this is work that will be loved and needed for years go come. I have so many good memories of my little one on playgrounds. They ARE a blessing!


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