Side Hustle

Slice of Life 2020: Day 11

I promised last week that I would be writing about the side hustle I have going with my grown sons.

So, we bought a cute little house in the fall. The house was built in 1953 and only one family has lived there all these years. As far as we can tell, the home has never had HVAC, a washer / dryer or an indoor hot water heater! Additionally, the wiring is dangerous and needs to be replaced, the pipes are galvanized and need replaced, termites have eaten through many of the supporting beams and they need replaced, some of the windows are cracked or broken and they need replaced, and the flooring on the left side needs replaced.

What else is wrong with this place?

The driveway is cracked, the drywall needs replacing, the kitchen is gutted and the concrete threshold at the front door has chipped. That’s what we know so far.

Why on earth would we buy such a place?

That is a great question. We love real estate, learning new things and a good challenge. Renovating a fixer-upper seemed like a great way to learn construction and management. So far, we are getting schooled in a plethora of skills I never imagined, like knowing the difference between an Eastern Subterranean termite and a Formosan termite.

We’ve also learned the art and strategy behind getting a building permit. I can attest that these are coveted documents in our area. We’ve also learned about weight bearing walls, dry wall powder, unreliable subs and how to true up a window measurement.

It’s all going pretty well.

My favorite thing about this place right now is the bunny. We’ve named him Bubbles. I guess he escaped some local hutch and lives right in our yard.

9 thoughts on “Side Hustle

  1. I have always wanted to do something like this. My whole life. But I married someone who has not had that desire!
    That’s alright. But so very cool what you are doing!!!


  2. This is amazing. I love real estate as well but I have never flipped a property. Would love to learn more about that so do share. Also, where is that property located? Is it in the states?


    1. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be writing on this subject again soon. It has been a whirlwind project with the trouble getting the permit to the virus and then getting good help that’s consistent and honest. All, real struggles.But, we’ve learned so much and I’m excited about all the progress we are making. Its going to be a beautiful home and a real boost to the neighborhood. Thanks again for reading and I hope to post on this again soon.


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