but we have Eggs!

Slice of Life 2020: Day 16

Tumbling stock markets, empty grocery shelves, closed businesses…

but we have eggs!

Boy was I glad to see these today when I went out for my morning chicken check. Each morning, I go out to the coop to check on my gals and grab the eggs. It is a ritual of sorts that keeps me connected with the earth and the seasons. Rain or shine, I walk the 30 yards from my back door to the coop. The birds are chirping in the spring and the white oak leaves are blowing in the wind. I walk, coffee in one hand, veggie scraps in the other out to the coop, calling: chick, chick, chickens! They know this call. When the hens hear it, they strut to greet me pushing against the fencing, clucking and pecking.

chickens in the coop

Barring some tragic critter raid, I can basically count on 3 – 5 eggs a day from this flock. They are generous and stout, good qualities during these uncertain days. I am particularly thankful for them today in the midst of this current crisis. The eggs shelves at the local grocery are empty. On Saturday, the entire egg case was wiped clean, like a white board at the end of a long school day.

I just rolled past this section in the store…

grateful for my flock and the agrarian cycle that continues unaltered in my backyard.

7 thoughts on “but we have Eggs!

    1. Beautifully put, Angelina. You put pictures in my head of your walking out to the coop, with coffee and veggie scraps, and how the chickens greeted you. I’m still trying to figure out how to write a slice of life. Yours is a lovely example. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. You can do it. Just tell a little something from your day. It can be really simple, like a thing you saw or conversation you heard. Show the story with your senses. Once you begin, you’ll be hooked! 😊 Thank you for reading my story. Good luck.🍀

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