Twelve Things Going Well Right Now…

Slice of Life 2020: Day 21

There are some upsides to our situation right now…

  • Outings become very special, like this mountain bike ride we took today with the gang.
  • I haven’t worn makeup in 5 days! Before that, it was five days.
  • The kids pet the dog more because they are home.
  • There are extra hands around the house to help with laundry and dishes!
  • I’ve driven my car 3 times this entire week! That’s a serious gas savings.
  • A friend asked me to take some photos of her. I said, “I’m available any day or evening this week.”
  • My truck is clean.
  • The local brewery has “beer to go” in a growler. So, you can take a can home and drink it with your dinner.
  • I’ve talked to my mom and dad on the phone many days this week.
  • Friends and family are calling or texting daily to check in.
  • Food isn’t going bad in the refrigerator, because we are eating everything up!
  • Neighbors are walking the streets in the afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Twelve Things Going Well Right Now…

  1. Wow, those are some good upsides! I haven’t thought of a lot of those, so thanks for making me stop and think, and appreciate things more! 🙂 ~JudyK


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