7 thoughts on “Reunion”

  1. Welcome back! I think all of us have slowed our posting down. Views of your old homestead bring back many great memories of being there. Love, Aunt Lee

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    1. Hey Aunt Lee. The old homestead is pretty much the same, just more cars passing by and a bridge about 1/2 mile away now. Its still beautiful in the spring when all the birds are out and the fish are active. Its fun having the kids out there to fish.
      Hope yall are doing well down there. Love, Angie

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  2. It wasgoodto read all that was happening in your life. The photos are lively πŸ™‚ Hope you have recovered completely from Corona. We too had it, fortunately mild symptoms. Welcome back.

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  3. I’m all for reunions! Thank you for bringing us up to speed on all the stuff going on in your household! I look forward to the pictures, the memories, and how your words bring things back to life!

    Good to “see” you again! πŸ™‚

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