A Charlotte Mason Reading List

A reading list to accompany any writing program and includes gentle ways for students to respond to the text

This high school reading list uses the Charlotte Mason philosophy of reading living books which are full of the good, the beautiful and the true and the Classical philosophy of using the five common topics to discuss and internalize the ideas put forth by the book.  I wanted to create a reading list that includes quality reading selections, with a gentle schedule, tailorable to the needs of busy and / or large families. This list includes novels, non-fiction, poetry and a Shakespeare piece and is designed to accompany any writing curriculum to create a full language arts credit. These titles are curated from multiple sites, such as Ambleside Online, The Greatest Books, and The Well Trained Mind. You can schedule the reading for 3 – 4 books each semester, or however works for your family schedule.  The poetry can be read weekly over the course of the year. Upon completion of this reading list and the accompanying activities, along with the writing program you choose, your student will have the content necessary for one high school unit of Language Arts.

As you get more comfortable guiding your student in reading great books, you will feel confident in substituting your own selection(s) into this list as you desire.

My Charlotte Mason Reading List for high school

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