Slice of Life: Day 18

  Radiant, joyful, beautiful!  One’s baptism day is very special indeed!   Today, we had a  baby’s baptism during our morning service which has me thinking about this very important sacrament. According to the Orthodox faith, baptism marks the entry of a person into the church and begins their walk toward salvation in Christ.  Traditionally, in … More Slice of Life: Day 18

Slice of Life: Day 11

Reflections on The Sunday of Orthodoxy March is a busy time of year at our house, partly because it’s spring sports season, and partly because it’s Lent.  Lent is the 40 day season of preparation that precedes Easter (or Pascha, which is the Hebrew word for Passover). For Orthodox Christians, Lent is one of the … More Slice of Life: Day 11

2018 – Kitchen Table Reflections Prompted by iPhone Photos

Today is a rainy, February, gloomy sort of a day.  I am at my kitchen table letting the gloom settle in on me like loose silly putty on an upholstered couch, getting depressed about the weather and my blog and my to-do list.  My favorite green tea is out and Monday is the first day … More 2018 – Kitchen Table Reflections Prompted by iPhone Photos


by Angie Nasrallah (part 3 in a series about Keeping our Young People in the Church)  “What we love is what we orient our lives toward.   Christian liturgies shape our vision for the good life and aim our hearts towards God. ”  — The Areopagus podcast, “Are We Doing Youth Ministry Wrong?” “For where your … More Ben