Laptop, Desktop, ipad and Phone

Slice of Life 2019: Day 17

One thing I’m learning during the Slice of Life March Challenge is the importance of keeping a charged laptop.  Right now, I’m in the passenger seat of our truck, my husband is driving, and my laptop battery only has about 30% battery life left. That’s because yesterday, I used the laptop in the kitchen, on the porch and at a coffee shop. I’m slicing remote! Any and everywhere I can squeeze a slice in, I do it.

At this moment, I’m clicking away at the keyboard as we drive down to a Lenten service called The Sunday of Orthodoxy.  Every year we attend this service at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Atlanta.  This service is so joyful and interesting.  Priests and parishioners from all the Orthodox Churches in the Atlanta area attend this service together.  Each priest brings an icon from his home parish to celebrate the restoration of the icons into the churches in 787 AD.  After the vespers service, a procession of the icons around the interior of the cathedral is followed by a short talk and then a Lenten meal in the fellowship hall.  Since this is a Greek church there is always yummy Greek food at the meal.  Tonight, someone has made rolled grape leaves and hummus.

One of my favorite things about tonight is seeing friends and loved ones, old and new. Orthodoxy is a small and tightly knit group and it is always wonderful to catch up with friends over dessert and a cup of coffee.

“How’s your daughter?”

“Are you going to Rebecca’s shower?”

“I heard you guys have a new, super young priest.”

We converse about our work, lives and children.  There is a sense of belonging we all feel here, at this service, with these people.

Afterwards, as soon as I get home, I’ll make a mad dash for the power cord so that I can plug this baby in.  Slicing definitely challenges my writing equipment and batteries.  I utilize all my devices to get the words out: laptop, desk top, iPad and phone. All the tech is getting put to good use this month!

6 thoughts on “Laptop, Desktop, ipad and Phone

  1. We had the opportunity to participate in a Greek Orthodox wedding while living in Missouri. Fascinating as the language, both English and Greek, along rites intermixed to help create the bond between our friends.

    As for your charging troubles, I have an inverter in each vehicle because we do travel so much with our laptops! Plug it into your car’s electrical port, and you have 110w power! 🙂

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  2. Yes, we have to use tech and there is so much available, but charging is important. Here we have power outages at random times, which makes it even more important! The Greek service and food and community gathering sound well worth the trip!

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