Reflections on the Year 1982

4 thoughts on “Reflections on the Year 1982”

  1. Angie we had the best time in high school!!! I remember the cheerleaders making our spirit tags for track and cross country… winged feet!! I still have at least one of them somewhere. Running and as you know I actually mean running to your house that was way out of my way just to say hey!!! Awesome and life long friends were made in and outside those halls of Senator Country!!!

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    1. Hey Kevin! I am so glad to hear from you! Didn’t we have so much fun?Running was hard but it was so fun! Remember the run-a-thon we did? That was crazy, running for 24 straight hours. We’d be dead if we tried doing that today! Yes, I remember you running to my house to say “hey”. I remember running to your house and Mary Emory’s house. Dang our legs could move back then. Are you still running these days?


  2. Wonderful reflection, Angie. We really lived life to the fullest back in the day. I don’t ever remember being judged or myself judging anyone because of their race. We were a beach community and we just wanted to get to the beach! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend in the good ole 80s and even some 30+ (cough) years later! Your are a blessing…. and I loved that piece of land you grew up on!

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    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, we were all about the beach. That’s all I ever wanted to do was be at the beach. I’m still that way, always longing to get back there.


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