10 thoughts on “Wednesdays”

  1. Great photos! And, I realized I also didn’t know what “ISO” stands for. One more thing that bugs me. Why, I wondered, don’t I know what this three-letter string stands for? Why haven’t I been inquisitive enough to ask? So, I looked it up, anticipating it meaning something about light Sensitivity . . . and while that IS what it means, disappointingly, that is NOT what the “s” stands for! Even more disappointingly, the letters don’t even have a direct correlation (in the right order). ISO, I found, stands for “International Organization of Standards”. What? I mean, why, then, isn’t it called the International Standards of Organization? . . . and why such a BROAD term? Does it also refer to exactly how long one meter is? How much one pound weighs? (while we’re at it, why the heck is the abbreviation for “pound” “lb”s? Back to ISO . . . really, it’s a throwback to the sensitivity of film to light. So, if you were shooting in “low-light” situations, you wanted ISO 400 – 800, and with a LOT of light, I would sometimes use 50 or 100. But that wasn’t a setting. It was film. You bought the film in that light. And unless you were really good at winding and unwinding in the right place, you had to shoot the whole roll in that place. OK . . . so, anyway, what it means is International Organization of Standards. While it may be disatisfying, it is, nonetheless, true.

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    1. I appreciate your contribution here Jimmy. I think I heard this about the International Organization of Standards somewhere along the way, but it was so random it didn’t stick. Anyway, it’s good to know somebody else didn’t know about ISO either. I’m learning more of this stuff as I teach and write!

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  2. You’re brave, I’ll say that. I shoot in program mode and save all those F stops and ISO’s to Dan. I don’t know a F-stop from a bus stop. 🙂
    Actually, you both took some very nice photos.


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