An Introduction to Shakespeare

8 thoughts on “An Introduction to Shakespeare”

  1. I was thinking about Shakespearean insults as a great way to hook kids into Shakespesre’s language. Love that you’re using reader’s theater. Have you tried other performance techniques? “Shakespeare Set Free,” a publication from the Folger Shakespeare Library, has wonderful resources for R&J, beginning w/ a cool stomping activity to teach the prologue.

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      1. The Folger offers a variety of PD, including a month long NEH workshop in Washington D.C. The next one is summer 2020. It’s an amazing experience.

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  2. How great that you could break through and hook them into Shakespeare!! I couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to teach a group of boys of that age, but wonderful that you could and did! I do confess that Shakespeare sometimes doesn’t seem to fit, especially here in India as a set author for older classes.

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    1. I can understand that. It’s a stretch, although worth it, even here. Modern media has made it easier. I remember trying to do this in the 90’s before movie clips and online resources were available and it was challenging


  3. Stumbling through some of your past slices here before I have to run out with my boys, and you’ve got me hooked. Oh how I love me some Bard and you coupled that with adolescent boys not keen on learning Romeo & Juliet. This is like my short, literary Netflix binge. You even had me look that article up even though I remember reading it! This is great though and makes me wish I was a fly on the wall of this class. Thank you for doing us all the service of educating them on what really matters in general acadmics 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and sticking around. That article is great and I’m adding it to my annual repertoire of intro activities with the Bard. We’ll see if any of these preparations worked when we get to Act II. Check back around mid week!


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