Slice of Life 2019: Day 14

We are those people that have 50 cars in the driveway some weekends. As a family of seven, there are always teens, twenty somethings, and their friends driving in and out. All but one of our kids drives now which creates a parking lot effect when they visit. I love the excitement and on a recent winter day, came out with my camera.

My newly licensed 16 year old had just gotten a 1992 Jeep Cherokee. He was grinning ear to ear and told his buds to come over and check out the new wheels. Here is one friend admiring the roomy cargo area.

Its thrilling to get a new car and display it to your friends. One day, my dad gave me the keys to his old 1973 Ford Maverick and I felt tingly inside. It was a two door coup and the gear shift was on the stirring column. I don’t know if guys get tingly, but I’d say they were close to it here. True freedom is that feeling you get when you have wheels at your disposal. You can ride with the windows down and the radio blaring your music. You can get fast food on the way home from school if you can scrounge a few dimes out of your seats. You can get yourself where you need to be!

I’m gonna add new shocks on this pup,” Hunter said.

“Dude! The windows are so clean,” somebody was saying.

“Yeah! Its an old school vibe,” Hunter said approvingly.

So, while this was going on in the front yard, my daughter was cutting her boyfriend’s hair on the back deck.

I can’t say as I remember cutting my boyfriend’s hair in college. But, this seemed like a perfectly fine thing to do on a back deck on a sunny winter day, especially if you are trying to save some cash.

These are the kinds of things that happen around here on weekends. First cars and hair cuts. Perhaps nothing too special. But, observing and photographing these simple activities gets me in the sunshine and touches that place in me that’s still young.

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2 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. It looks so lovely where you live, and you obviously have a loving, home-y-home with all that fine company wanting to share space with you!

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