Following the Music

Slice of Life 2019: Day 15

Today, I am grateful to follow the music where my son is playing.

My 12 year old attends a once-a-week music program for home schooled students where parents play a major role and are required to stick around during classes. I can sit in the noisy cafeteria here or sit in a Jazz class where they are practicing Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight Serenade” and “Over the Rainbow.” I bring my laptop and write while the music plays.  I follow the music.

percussionists are cool

Naturally, my volunteer job here is the band mom for concert band.   I’ll be fetching music and taking attendance while our intrepid director works magic with these 25 music students. The student ages in this class range from 11 – 17, although everyone had to audition for their seat.

I’m drawn to the percussion section.  They are an eclectic bunch and chit chatty, so they get fussed at frequently. Yet, this section is immensely important, providing the rhythm and often the mood for each piece of music. A good director knows how to reign them in and keep them focused.

From my vantage point as band mom, I see the give and take an adept director must allow.  Working successfully with this age group, encouraging them to practice when you know they can be slackers, meeting each student where they are in their skill level, requires a special gift.  Our director has this and more! She has serious energy, never yells and possesses the patience of Job. Plus, she prepares them for two decent concerts a year.

She does all of this in one hour a week!

Now that is incredible.

Dang! I get thankful for the people who have poured into my kids and helped them grow up and develop talents. You realize they are all around when you begin looking.

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