Confessions of a Late Night Slicer

9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Late Night Slicer”

  1. I’ve tried to become a day-time slicer, too, but somehow I always slip into the late-night routine. I’m just a night owl, and night is when I work best, I guess. Your backyard looks amazing. I’ve noticed so many signs of spring in my area the last week, too, especially the pink buds opening up on the trees. I love this time of year!

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  2. I am with you about late night slicing! This is my first year and I debated doing this challenge because I really didn’t want to put another thing on my already long To-Do List. I look at Slice of Life writing as looking at a small part of my day and writing about it. There are times where the important small slice of my day happens early on and I can write during my lunch, but other times it doesn’t happen until later in the day and I am barely making the midnight Eastern time zone deadline! Good luck with your early morning slices.

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  3. Even though your slicing way into the night, you’re doing it, and that is cause for celebration. I love this photo of very early spring – everything is just on the brink of bloom, leafing, and unfurling. Your description of beeches is perfect: “ghostly, onion skin leaves”. And what an amazing back yard!

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