Confessions of a Late Night Slicer

Slice of Life 2019: Day 18

I told myself back in February that I was not going to be slicing late at night. I’ve been down this road before… bags under the eyes, my husband snoring next to me as I push the midnight deadline. Nope. This was going to be the year that I posted way before the bewitching hour. Early mornings were my goal. I’d get up, the house would be quiet and I’d have a cup of hot tea. Clever words and riveting stories would pour from my nimble fingers, filling the white space of my screen.

Yet, here I am, siting at my desk and its after 10 pm. I really wanted to be a daytime slicer! Dang it!

If you’ve had any luck shifting your slicing routine to daylight hours, I would love to know your secrets. Tomorrow’s a new day! Perhaps I can break this harsh routine and slice at a reasonable hour.

Even though its late, I still wanted to share this photo of my back yard.

It’s been extremely wet and chilly here so we’ve been inside since November. You can see that the Christmas tree is awaiting its final illumination in the fire pit. My son is just beginning to collect the many limbs and sticks that came down with the winter storms.

What strikes me most about this photo, however, is that just two days ago when I took it, our yard was still brown and tan. The beeches still had, hanging on their branches, ghostly, onion skin leaves from 2018. The brittle Christmas tree was laying in a heap. Not one green leaf arrayed the yard, save the English ivy in the foreground.

Yet, today, when I went outside, every tree top is sprouting green. The shrubs are bursting with life and the weeds are beginning to grow.

The greys and browns are fading out! Spring is ushering in the chlorophyll and the trees are awaking from their hibernation!

It is truly amazing how quickly this is all happening.

I would love to post a photo of these new shoots and opening buds, but of course its night time and super late and dark. Because I’m a habitual late night slicer, you’ll have to wait until late tomorrow to see that green in my next installment.

Til next time …

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.09.23 AM

9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Late Night Slicer

  1. I’ve tried to become a day-time slicer, too, but somehow I always slip into the late-night routine. I’m just a night owl, and night is when I work best, I guess. Your backyard looks amazing. I’ve noticed so many signs of spring in my area the last week, too, especially the pink buds opening up on the trees. I love this time of year!

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  2. I am with you about late night slicing! This is my first year and I debated doing this challenge because I really didn’t want to put another thing on my already long To-Do List. I look at Slice of Life writing as looking at a small part of my day and writing about it. There are times where the important small slice of my day happens early on and I can write during my lunch, but other times it doesn’t happen until later in the day and I am barely making the midnight Eastern time zone deadline! Good luck with your early morning slices.

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  3. Even though your slicing way into the night, you’re doing it, and that is cause for celebration. I love this photo of very early spring – everything is just on the brink of bloom, leafing, and unfurling. Your description of beeches is perfect: “ghostly, onion skin leaves”. And what an amazing back yard!

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