March 31

Slice of Life 2019: Day 31

It’s the final day of Slice of Life 2019. I thought this day would never arrive. But now that its here, I’m sad to see the month go! This year, the 31st of March finds us on the beach. My boot wearing boy is crawling in the waves. Hopefully, the next time I write, he’ll be out of the boot and running!

Helping my 12 year old deal with a major ankle injury has been an unexpected part of Slice of Life March this year.

The month started with rain, puddles and oppressive clouds.

Then, spring ushered in with forsythia, pink dogwoods and baby ferns.

Slicing all through the month with all of March’s activities and unexpected happenings was challenging but an important milestone in my year. The Slice excitement wrapped up with spring break and a visit to my home town in Florida.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers! I’ve learned a mound and met many wonderful writing teachers in the process.  Somehow, I’ve written my way through this crazy, eventful month.  Writing teachers, retired teachers, new mammas, grand mammas, coaches and cancer survivors have been some of my fellow travelers.  I’ve written about paging at the capitol, stitching chickens, homeschooling, injuries, photography contests, cooking, haircuts, Lenten services and teaching Shakespeare.

Reading all the posts have inspired me to be a better writer and teacher.  Somehow, I’ve become more confident with myself in the process! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my writing and leave words of encouragement. I am grateful to you.

Most importantly, I’ve discovered again that writing daily is doable!  Even though it is challenging, the challenge feels good and it keeps me plugging on. 

I look forward to seeing all my friends at TWT on Tuesdays through the year for writing and reading and sharing.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.09.23 AM

10 thoughts on “March 31

  1. Keep it up. They say after 25 times, something becomes a habit. I used to write every day for a long time, but I have finally slowed down. But you are young. Try another month. I enjoy reading your articles, even if I did get a bit behind in reading all of them. They will be read though.
    You are a good writer and I do enjoy reading them. Especially when you are telling the tales of you and your young one’s adventures. Love, Aunt Lee

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  2. One of my favorite discoveries this month was YOUR blog. 🙂 I even thanked you in my final post. So glad you were a part of this challenge. Loved your stories, photos, and thoughts. I’ll be following!

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  3. Congratulations on your month of slicing! Thank you for these excellent photos and for commenting on posts of mine during the month! I love this challenge and getting this tiny glimpse into other people’s lives!

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  4. Congratulations on your completion of the challenge! It’s a great feeling to know that you can do something like this, a month long challenge of any type. It’s hard to go back to “just writing on Tuesdays”, but yet, that’s another challenge, finding that discipline to continue that writing process.

    Looking forward to your other thoughts throughout the year! 🙂

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