Join ’em

Spring Break Plan: Day 1 Visit the Jacksonville Art League with my mom and take an acrylic class. Odds are, it will be raining.

And it was…

Raining, and a perfect day to chill with grandmothers.

“What should I paint?” Gabe asked.

“Go get something from the still life collection,” I told him.

We traversed the room looking for inspiration, observing and visiting each artist. Some were painting in oil. Another was recreating a Rembrandt as a gift for her pastor. One was working on a commission. All were over 65.

It was dazzling.

Good thing we had beginner’s confidence. These grandmothers were all quite talented. Its hard to get inspiration from a Rembrandt, when you’re still learning how to mix colors. So, I moved onto the plastic fruits and vegetables stored by the cloths and old paint jars.

I found an over ripe onion ready for planting. Gabe found an avocado.

After a little piddling, I learned how to wash my canvas with a sponge and enjoyed the therapy of brushing soft strokes of thick paint into a colorful background. Gabe developed an eye for perspective and delighted in the attention of being the youngest by about 50 years!!

They loved him: Gen Y painter of avocados. Good thing he remembered his Yes Mam’s.

“How does it feel to be the baby of the class?” I asked.

“Pretty good,” he said, holding up a pop art style image bedecked with numerous floating avocados.

Mom loved the rainy day excursion with daughter and grandson. She met some friends and got a game plan for her next art project.

Mission accomplished.


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