Wedding Planning

Slice of Life 2020: Day 5

The church is the first thing to book when you’re planning an Orthodox wedding. You’ve got to make sure the priest and the building are available on your special day. Otherwise you change your special day!

Recently, we toured the church where my daughter will marry in the fall. We’ve been in this beautiful place many times. But today, it felt different. I always knew this day would come and here we were.

I am so grateful to be a part of this wedding planning process and to still experience these “firsts” with my daughter.

We viewed the nave, the narthex, and all around the building. Then, we toured the reception hall. Regina surveyed the room, then approached the windows. I could tell she was imagining what her wedding celebration would be like in this hall. Perhaps she was hearing the band play and seeing glasses toast to her and Ian’s happy future.

We’re just at the beginning of this process. There’s a reception to plan, food to figure out, a guest list to make, a wedding gown to buy… It’s a whirlwind and I so glad to be a part of all the excitement!

Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church

9 thoughts on “Wedding Planning

  1. You so beautifully captured this moment. I was able to watch it unfold through the photos and details you provided me. This line took your slice to a whole new level. You present this experience as the beginning of her new life…dreaming of what could be. “Perhaps she was hearing the band play and seeing glasses toast to her and Ian’s happy future.” What a lovely slice.

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  2. Wow! Seems like only no time since she was a babe. Angelina (Angie), you are making this aunt/great aunt feel mighty old. 🙂
    Congratulation. You all will get through this with flying colors.

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