Slice of Life 2020: Day 5

Joy is…

  • all your family together at dinner on a Sunday night
  • stopping the car to run out into a flowery field
  • finding a garage sale with great deals on stuff you want to buy
  • going for a run with a big black dog
  • a blanket out on grassy lawn on a warm spring day
  • a cup of coffee with a heart shaped creamy top
  • having a heart felt talk with a special friend
  • finishing a slice just in the nick of time on a Friday night

5 thoughts on “Joy

  1. >finishing a slice just in the nick of time on a Friday night<

    Ha ha!! Just turned my slice in as well! I love your joy. It makes me happy! I hope your weekend is filled with that same sense of joy.

    Thanks for sharing with us today! 🙂

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  2. YES! I’m racing the east coast deadline over here tonight! I love this list. The thought of being able to spread out a blanket on the grass in the sun… ahhhhhhhhhh. I love me some snowy winter times, but gosh that sounds lovely. Happy weekend! ❤️

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