Floral Tattoos

Slice of Life 2020: Day 23

About two weeks ago, before the common era, I was asked by a friend if I wanted to make flower tattoos. These aren’t parlor tattoos. They are real flowers glued gently onto flesh colored kinesiology tape. The purpose of these little gems is to replace the bulky flower corsages so popular at proms and homecomings. After wearing a corsage for a short time, any young woman can attest to the challenges of keeping the item pinned properly in place and the flowers from being damaged.

Enter the flower tattoo! The original idea for this came from passionflowersue over on Instagram. Flower tattoos just stick to your arm or your shoulder or wherever you want them to embellish. Made up of smaller flowers, they’re beautiful and hold up perfectly for hours.

Here’s what we did…

First, my friend Tracy bought a load of colorful flowers. She went out in the yard and collected even more, so that ultimately we had a forest full of little flowers and greenery on a big table. She also brought colored kinesiology tape and E6000 glue found in the Walmart craft department. She cut out eye-shaped pieces of the tape with regular scissors.

Next, she told us to sit and start building the arrangement. There was a chill outside which made for happy, perky blossoms. To start, I squeezed a thick line of the glue onto the fabric piece. Then, I nudged little sprays of succulents, tiny white flowers, tea roses, fern, and wild violets into the clear glue. The glue stayed pliable for about 30 minutes. I kept adding more and more flowers until it was packed and full.

Then, we misted them with water and took a picture.

Now, if I were to place this onto a young lady’s wrist as a corsage, I would just unpeel the back of the fabric (K-tape) and stick it onto the skin. That tape is designed to stay in place all day and under damp conditions like athletes would encounter playing volley ball.

What do you think?

Lord willing, when things get back to normal, I’d like to make these with some mom-friends for homecoming. Its a really fun activity to do with people you like being around.

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