Another Plus

Slice of Life 2020: Day 25

Here’s another quarantine plus. These two boys are usually too busy with their jobs and school and sports to do much around the yard. Today, however, they were stuck right here at the house. It was a beautiful day and they were bored. Suddenly, a rare thing happened.

Riley said, “Mom, if you give me a list of yard work to do, I will knock the entire thing out in one day.”

Now that’s an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’ve never heard those words before and probably won’t hear them again. Music to a mom’s ears… “What can I help you with, Mom?”

“Great!” I said and made a list a mile long.

The most daunting chore on the list: to break up the old rotten picnic table, put it in the dumpster, and build the new one. That was the first thing they tackled together.

First, they tied the old table to the blazer and drug it up the driveway until it literally fell apart. So, half way up the driveway, they broke it into pieces and threw it into the dumpster. Then, they sat down and pieced the new table together. These boys joked around, enjoyed each other’s company and built their mama a new table. It was a beautiful thing.

2 thoughts on “Another Plus

  1. Wow! What an amazing surprise for the day. When you wake up, old table. When you go to bed, new table. Can they come to my house?


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