Grocery Shopping

5 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping”

  1. Our local Fred Meyer now has senior shopping hours for those aged 60+. I took advantage. It was wonderful. Full or in process of stocking everything – even TP and bread – although not much TP. It was quiet (no children) and the pace was slow. I chatted with the veggie manager and we joked about my 25 pound bag of potatoes for 2 people – and that I planned ahead. And the meat manager said I timed it perfectly and helped me select some sausage and chicken thighs. The checker was lovely and said she enjoyed the senior hours the best! I plan to continue my 7-8am shopping, even when this is over. I also used my Young Living Thieves Hand sanitizer in my car! Good post!!!

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  2. The details and description here perfectly capture this weird moment we find ourselves living in. I also felt stressed after grocery shopping this week (still no TP here, but thankfully we had enough) and was wondering about shopping online or at least spacing out my trips a little more, going every two weeks instead of once a week. I did appreciate that stores are taking this so seriously and everything is being cleaned. One of my students works at the grocery store, and she told me yesterday that they clean every 30 minutes.

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