Cheap Entertainment

Slice of Life 2020: Day 29

Today, my daughter talked me into going roller blading with her in the neighborhood. Of course, the trails where we usually skate were closed. And, the tennis park was closed, so those options were off.

Instead, we skated our way slowly through the streets of our little community. Right when we started our journey, some older folks were sitting outside, appropriately 6 feet apart, listening to music. As we passed they said, “Don’t get hurt. Ya don’t want to end up in the hospital.” Not liking irony, I took heed to their words and skated extra cautiously.

For me, skating cautiously is an understatment. A couple of years ago, I couldn’t figure out how to stop on a hill and had a nasty crash resulting in unsightly scrapes and bruises. Since I’m still experiencing PTSD from that experience, I move slowly and awkwardly. Needless to say, as we shambled along the streets, we provided cheap entertainment for the bored and the amused alike.

Why? Because I was hunched on my skates like a freakish scientist looking over his lab results. I was holding onto trees, fences and telephone poles to keep from going down. I was using the grass as speed control on the hill.

Everyone who passed by looked on with smiles and some with downright laughter. People with dogs, crossed to the other side of the street, “Looks like yall are having fun,” they said. Another man kept his window rolled up, but I could see his teeth through the laughter. Yep! It was cheap entertainment for all the neighbor folks.

Yet, it was my daughter who was having the most fun. She knows I’m also prone to spew expletives as I struggle to maintain control on the skates. I think she asked me out just to get a few laughs herself. Right when we made it to the bottom of the “killer” hill, she took this photo and we practically rolled on the ground laughing.

Even though I was the actual laughing stock of the neighborhood, I’m glad we went. It was a fun way to pass the time on a weird kind of spring day.

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