30 Word Associations for March 30

Slice of Life 2020: Day 30

  • morning prayer with incense
  • cooking dinner for the 30th consecutive day
  • schooling outside today
  • dinner at home again with the fam
  • Peeling potatoes & chopping onions
  • vegetable broth
  • dueling laptops
  • pollen on my pillow
  • hydrate or die-drate
  • chicken poop
  • we got no bananas
  • holy oil on our door post
  • write it down on the grocery list
  • did you wash your hands?
  • Face Book is a rant fest now
  • did you practice your instrument?
  • Is today a wine day?
  • growth mindset
  • neighbors talking on the curb
  • a little tennis in the driveway
  • are ya’ll doing okay?
  • let’s go for a walk
  • you’re going to tell your kids about this one day
  • Bob Marley Playlist on Spotify
  • truck’s still in the garage
  • the AP exam is still on
  • We’d better cancel that subscription
  • have you checked on your mom today?
  • evening prayer with incense

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